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Jul. 27th, 2006 | 03:58 pm
mood: sad sad
music: Kite -U2

Yes, our beloved guinea pig passed away 2 days ago. It's been very hard on the kids and I took it hard too. I tried so hard to make him better. I syringe fed him. I crushed his vitamins and syringe fed him those with water. I held him a lot. I stayed up with him throught the nights. Where did I go wrong?

The day he passed things actually started looking up. He took the feedings better, he made his happy pig sounds as we all showered him with cuddles. He was even wearing his cute toothy smile that day. He passed while we were having dinner, he looked very peaceful in his cage.  

I had talked to him very early that morning as I held him, telling him it was okay to move on. Maybe that's what gave him peace that day. He took his last cuddles and love and then moved on. 

Rest in Peace little piggy. 
We'll miss you Wilbur! 

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Jul. 23rd, 2006 | 12:21 am
mood: crushed crushed

I worked today and it was soooo damn busy. Ya, so that's the extent of my whine re: work. 

Wilbur, my guinea pig is soooo sick. I took him to the vet and that alone was $200. If he doesn't get better with the meds they gave him, they'd want to do bloodwork and/or an x-ray. Those run at $140 each. 

It's so tough because that's a lot of money. Where do you draw the line at how much you'll spend? I don't want to put a price on his life :( 



Jul. 20th, 2006 | 12:51 pm
mood: awake awake

I dreamt a lot last night. I slept very uneasy, tossing and turning. 

I dreamt about Ralph Klein of all people. I was sitting at a dinner or gala of some type and he'd had a stroke. He was all paralyzed down the right side of his body. 

Then I dreamt about Bill. (in real life he had a stroke in Feb.) He ws okay, walking okay and everything. He was at my house to surprise me and to tell me he was okay. He was dressed in of all things, a bunny costume. But then he turned into my uncle Ken.

I dreamt of a room filled with many different tables. Dining tables. But they were different sizes, shapes, made from different woods, etc. But in a part of the room was a bed. And a woman was asleep in it. 

I dreamt about an old motel that was abandoned and turned into some kind of house. The office area in particular. I was wondering from room to room. I went into where the old office used to be, where there were remnants of the old "office" sign on the door. I went into another room that was a laundry room, with an old washer and dryer and an old green stationary bike. The ground was overrun with growth of tall grasses and weeds. The weeds and other growth growing through the cracks of the sidewalks. 

So now I'm waitng to see if Ralph Klein has a stroke.

Surprise! Work, Pirates, etc

Jul. 17th, 2006 | 06:41 pm
mood: content content
music: Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

Friday we picked Britt up from camp and decided to try and drop in on my sis on our way back and that was a success. I loved surprising her like that as well as the kids. They miss their Auntie, so it was a good quick visit, even if she had to serve us.

Saturday I worked in the Lounge. First I couldn't remember how to assign myself a cash drawer. Enough dickin' around with the system though led to a successful cash drawer opening. It was dead, but I still made okay money for what I worked. Ashley & Tamara dropped by to see me and after work Tamara and I went to BP's, then to Pirates. I ran into an old high school friend there. Turns out she doesn't live too far away from me.

Funny how a movie like that just makes you want to say...Arrrrrrrrr.. I have to say I was impressed with the movie. Maybe it was because I went in with lower expectations and the knowledge of how the movie ends. It was really funny, filled with some really cheesy scenes, but I enjoyed it. I found myself laughing like crazy throughout it as was the guy sitting beside me. We seemed to be the very few who laughed consistently through it. Maybe he was laughing at me-- who knows. I just find Johnny Depp's character hilarious. Anyway, can't wait for the 3rd. 

Sunday we did a lot of nothing. I shopped looking for another black shirt for work, one that would be better for the lounge. Finding a black shirt is a lot harder than I thought. I did finally find one, I just hope I can get away with wearing it to work. It has kind of an oriental design (all in black stitiching). 

Ray is playing a double header tonight, so it's just me and the kiddos.


Jul. 13th, 2006 | 10:01 am
mood: impressed impressed

Sweet. I played poker last night with Chris, Chris, Ash and a few others. 
I fricken WON!

They said I had the best poker face ever. I totally thought they were going to be able to read me like a book. 

2 nights in a row I've hung out with them. Next to no sleep, but I'm surviving. 


Jul. 12th, 2006 | 04:38 am
mood: tired tired

Ugh, I dreamed (dreamt?- I really need to look that up) last night that there was a train wreck. I remembered seeing a passenger train, then explosions. Darkness. Fire. Bodies. Blood. Screaming. So earlier today what do I see on TV? The bombing of a train in India. 

I had told Ray about the dream long before, in fact I woke him up and told him. He was pretty weirded out when he found out about this news event. 

Been kind of an uneventful week otherwise. Britt is at camp, and the kids and I have just been kinda hanging out. I went out tonight with Tamara, had a Chai tea (yum!) and then went for a beer. Wouldn't you know it shortly after we got there, a few of my coworkers show up. So, there I was out until 3 am on a Tuesday. 

The beer didn't sit right, but I think it was the mixture of that and the Chai Tea. Yeah, I won't be trying that again. 

Ho Hum

Jul. 10th, 2006 | 12:27 am
mood: grateful grateful

I went to a funeral today and my day was just weird from then on. 

You see the lady who passed is my ex bosses brother's girlfriend.  

When I left work, circumstances were not good, and harsh things were said about me. (I said some pretty wicked stuff too) 

I got a full out apology today. He apologized for everything he said about me and how things had turned out to be. He said he wanted to remember the great times we had in the beginning. (I did work for him for 7 years) He said many other things, apologized again, told me there was no hard feelings and hoped that could be water under the bridge and hugged me. His wife then apologized to me, followed by his dad. 

I was blown away. Yesterday I was pissed off at this guy. Today I feel bad for him. It feels weird to feel this way, but I know he was sincere. He was like the guy I remembered him being. 

I thought about everything and how I'd even found out about the funeral. It was like the universe wanted me to be there to have all those words said to me. 

Life really is the unexpected. 

Quote of the day: "If you really love your husband, tell him so. Tell your children you love them. Don't ever let a day pass by where you don't tell them." -boyfriend of deceased. He told me this after he asked how my kids were doing.


Jul. 8th, 2006 | 02:17 am
mood: blank blank
music: Fireflies - Faith Hill

Why is it that just because you are "available" on yahoo messenger, that men thinks that makes you available (for more then chatting!) Even when it clearly states in the profile "married"!!

We went to the parade today, was pretty fun. I got up at 6 am (oh what an un-Godly hour, I forgot what it's like) and went down and saved us a spot. Ray came down with the kiddies later. It wasn't as good as in past years, there weren't as many floats. 

But, maybe that's what I missed when I was standing waiting for the portapotty. (ewwwwww). I've never actually used one, although it is like an outhouse. I can usually just say to hell with it and hold it, but after a kidney infection I don't want to be doing that. Hell, I've never used an airplane bathroom. Thank goodness the longest flight I've ever taken was only 4 hours. If I ever had to fly to Europe, I'd be screwed...

Bella loved the bands, Britt couldn't get enough of the horses, and Brady loved the military guys. Too bad he missed the Storm Troopers & Darth Vader in the prelude. (That's all he missed, the prelude sucked) I think know I enjoyed all the cops... *drool*

Oh, and in waiting for the parade this morning, I actually got to read the newspaper. Was weird when I came upon the classifieds and found that someone I knew had passed away. Really weird finding out that way. 

Anyway, I should sign off before soemone else thinks I'm available!

Smokin Monkey

Jul. 6th, 2006 | 12:35 am
mood: amused amused
music: Take On Me- Aha

Looks like someone gave into peer pressure....

A 26-year-old chimpanzee enjoys a cigarette at the zoo in Xian, China in August 2005. Xiku the chain-smoking chimpanzee has almost kicked his deadly habit thanks to the efforts of zoo keepers in China, but it has taken a beer or two to help get him through detox.(AFP/File) 

bwhahaha, man the world is a funny funny place. So, instead of smoking, he'll be an alcoholic. 

Oh ya, Happy Fried Chicken Day!

(no subject)

Jul. 5th, 2006 | 03:59 am
mood: busy busy

My other sis came to visit today. Great surprise!

I'm having fits of bitterness towards my mother lately. Maybe I need therapy to deal with all the shit she put me through when I was a teen.

I hate mosquitoes. They better not give me West Nile.

The damned guys across the street are smoking pot. Again. If it weren't so damn hot and I had all the windows open I'd probably never notice. (And to think I used to smoke the stuff!)

Ohh, and my flowers have finally come in nicely. Took their sweet time.